The Extra Special Touches

At JD bar we like to make your event unique and memorable for you and for your guests, with some class and elegance create the extra special touches for your event.

Champagne Fountain

Bring an air of extravagance to your celebrations with free flowing champagne.

As one of the most luxurious and divine ways to enjoy champagne, a fountain offers real wow factor!

Our Champagne Fountains offer an attractive and fun way of dispensing drinks to your guests and add that extra sparkle to any event.

Simply place a glass under the flowing cascade and watch as your glass fills with your favourite drink. Suitable with champagne or cava, it bubbles and stays cool, your guests will be delighted that they can take a glass whenever they are ready.

The average time the fountain will run is for up to 3 hours meaning it is perfect for that all important cocktail reception.

Cocktail Bar Tenders

Create the real party ambience with a cocktail bar tender and mixologist. They will use mixing skills to create the perfect cocktails. We will work with you to decide on a set menu of cocktails, which will be made on the day. The cocktail bar tender is not only mixing drinks but provides great entertainment during the party, perhaps you want to consider this only for drinks reception which will certainly give your party the flair.

Champagne Fountain Cocktails